Status Browser

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The Status Browser icon The Status Browser, allows you to show the real time status of data points, user interface attributes and variables.

Open the Manager at and press the Status Browser icon.

Manager status browser data points.png

The data point tab shows the real time values of all I/O data points, and the time stamp of each data point last change.

You can pause the real time update, and filter the list by data point name.

Manager status browser ui attributes.png

The UI attributes tab shows all user interface ids and attributes with values that have been set with the UISET or uiSet() methods.

In order to view session specific attributes, you should open a tab or window on the same browser where you are using the Manager, and then select the show session data checkbox in the Status Browser. This will show both global and session data for that tab.

Manager status browser variables.png

The variables tab shows the values of all volatile and persistent variables.