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HSYCO allows the interaction with the system through a custom user interface.
The interface can present one or more [[project|projects]].
See [[User Interface]].
Each [[project]] has one or more [[Page|pages]] that contain various [[UI Objects]].
A project is defined by a subdirectory inside www that contains an index.hsm file.
{{{note|Whenever HSYCO detects any change to the files in www and in its subdirectories, it forces the reload of all the projects on the connected browsers.}}}
For each sub-directory in www in which the file index.hsm exists, you can access the page with the following URL:
'''<nowiki>https://<name server>/<URLKey>/<subdirectory name></nowiki>'''
To create or edit a project there are two methods: visually, through the [[Project Editor]] or by manually editing the [[index.hsm]].

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