Redirect variables

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Redirect variables allow UI Objects to be linked dynamically to a source.

Redirect variables can be used in:

  • any object's id
  • I/O Server Objects, in server id and address parameters
  • Button objects, in the address parameter


Variables are defined with the following syntax:

[<variable name>]



Setting Values

Server UISets (from events or java) are used to set a redirect variable's value. Each redirect variable is a property of the "redirect" object. For example, a redirect variable called "myaddr" can be set to "70" with a UISet command on events:

UISET redirect.myaddr=70

Example: TempMini Object

In this example we will use a single TempMini object to display different sources. In hsyco.ini we have an ioServer with 3 zones.

ioServers = bmne500
ioServersType.bmne500 = MYHOME
ioServersOptions.bmne500 = tempzones=1;2;3

In a project we place a TempMini and three User buttons. On the TempMini parameters, we use two redirect variables: mysid and myzone.

Redirect vars 01.png

Each User button will have "changetemp" as name and "1", "2" or "3" respectively as param.

In events we declare:

function userCommand(session, userid, name, param) : {
   if (name == "changetemp") {
	uiSet("redirect", "mysid", "bmne500");
	uiSet("redirect", "myzone", param); // address: "temp."+ myzone
       return "ok";

Clicking on a button in the interface will execute the above callback, which sets the redirect variables' values and changes the source of the TempMini object accordingly.

Example: Button object

Similarly to the previous example, in a project we place a Button object with a redirect variable called myaddr. We also place two User buttons with name "changeaddr" and param "light.1" and "autom.1"

Redirect vars 02.png

function userCommand(session, userid, name, param) : {
   if (name == "change") {
       uiSet("redirect", "myaddr", "dummy."+param); // dummy.light.1

Once again clicking on a User button will cause the Button object to change its source, from a light to an autom.