Release Notes 3.5.0

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Server Updates

  • Bosch MAP I/O Server: improved communication error handling
  • Contatto I/O Server:
    • added support for MCP4
    • added support for MODCA firmware version 2.0, with new "relay.forced" datapoint
  • EPSON ESC/VP I/O Server: improved communication reliability
  • Guardall I/O Server: improved communication error handling
  • HESA I/O Server: new I/O Server for the HESA Q15, Q50 and Q100 security panels
  • Hue I/O Server: new I/O Server for the Philips Hue wireless lighting control system
  • iono I/O Server: new I/O Server for the iono I/O module
  • Mitsubishi MNET I/O Server: response timeout increased
  • Modbus I/O Server: new data types "intx", "longx", "uintx", "ulongx", "floatx" to implement low word first data encoding
  • SONOS I/O Server: new I/O Server for the SONOS music players
  • System I/O Server: new "internetmonitor" option. Set to "false" to disable Internet connection check
  • Tecnoalarm TECNO OUT I/O Server: added support for TP20-440
  • Yamaha I/O Server: added support for hdmi sources selection
  • improved video streaming performance
  • new "DatabaseTransactionLog" configuration option: If true the HSQLDB embedded database transaction log file is used to log individual transactions between checkpoints. If false the log file is not used, improving the performance and reducing I/O but, in case of uncontrolled shutdown of the HSYCO process, all data updates after the last checkpoint (a database checkpoint is automatically perfomed every 60 seconds) will be lost. Defaults to false
  • new automatic backup engine: automatic root backup can be configured using the "RootBackupTime", "RootBackupDestinations" and "RootBackupExclude" options


  • multiple EVENTS files can be created in the "events" subdirectory. Files should have the ".txt" suffix
  • a plugin can now have its own "events.txt" file and "events" subdirectory
  • JavaScript: you can now define multiple JavaScript functions for the same callback. Execution order is not guaranteed. If the functions return a value, only the first not null value returned is used as the event return value

Java API

GUI Updates

  • adminlink object: new "puk" link allows users to modify their PUK
  • datalogger object: new attributes: “pointsize” and “stroke”
  • image, imagelink, submitimage, userimage objects: setting "img" to "" (empty string) loads the empty picture
  • login procedure now allows for up to three PIN attempts before asking for PUK
  • dmxrgb object replaced by rgb object, with support for Philips Hue I/O Server
  • new project styles:
    • "scrollbar-width" : width of the scrollbar’s cursor
    • "scrollbar-thumb-color": scrollbar’s cursor color
  • new project attribute: "project.gestures", set to false to disable all gestures for the project
  • camerapanel object: new "cameralist" attribute, allows to dynamically change the list of cameras viewable in a camerapanel
  • userlist, selectpanel objects: in "template" attribute, $n placeholder replaced with %n, to avoid parsing problems
  • text object: added "template" attribute, works the same way as userlist’s template attribute
  • selector object: added "id" and "label" attributes


  • support of multiple EVENTS files

Bug Fixes

  • fix to the "notouch" GUI URL option
  • camerapanel GUI object: scrollbar was disabled in some special cases
  • datalogger GUI object:
    • splines did not draw properly when min == origin
    • attributes “notches” and “drawaxis” didn’t work
    • labelcolor fixed (didn’t change all the labels’ colors)
  • the "lock:<page>" UISET command not working on page reload
  • userlist, selectpanel objects: selected item on userlist/selectpanel wouldn’t stay selected
  • removed a white bar at the bottom, when using link from home screen icon on Apple iOS
  • Modbus I/O Server: fixed a bug that could cause ushort and uint read requests to return signed numbers