UI Objects

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Interfaces are built using objects. Most objects allow interaction with the system, while some have an aesthetic purpose.

Each object has a series of parameters to set its position, size, address and so on. While these parameters are set by modifying the project (through the Project Editor or by modifying the index.hsm), some objects have attributes that can be modified without reloading the project. These are called UI Attributes and are accessible through UISet calls (from the events environment or Java). Objects with UI Attributes are identified with an id.


Objects are declared in the index.hsm file with the following format:

(object_name <parameter1>; ... <parameterN>)

and for objects with an id:

(object_name!<id> <parameter1>; ... <parameterN>)

Redirect Variables

Redirect variables allow UI Objects to be linked dynamically to a source. For more information see Redirect variables.

List of UI Objects