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Avigilon Control Center (ACC) 7 and Avigilon Unity (ACC 8) are video management softwares that can be integrated in HSYCO with a TCP/IP connection. The current release of the I/O Server has been tested with the Avigilon Control Center WebEndpoint

Note This driver supports only a single connection with an Avigilon Control Server. If you have multiple Avigilon Control Servers it is mandatory to add more I/O servers to HSYCO, one for each Avigilon Control Server. Every I/O server must use a different IP address and TCP/IP port.


Here's an example of how to configure Avigilon Control Center using WebEndpoint to send an alarm status to HSYCO.

Download the Avigilon WebEndpoint executable from the Avigilon download page

IO Server Avigilon WebEndpoint 1.png

Install the software

Creating an alarm in ACC

Create a new alarm in ACC

IO Server Avigilon WebEndpoint 2.png

Select your camera as the trigger source

IO Server Avigilon WebEndpoint 3.png

Select your camera as the linked device

IO Server Avigilon WebEndpoint 4.png

Select the users that should be notified by ACC

IO Server Avigilon WebEndpoint 5.png

Select the alarm acknowledgment action

IO Server Avigilon WebEndpoint 6.png

Give the alarm a lowercase name Note only use characters from the english alphabet, don't use spaces, the only special characters allowed are - _

IO Server Avigilon WebEndpoint 7.png

Creating a Motion Detection in ACC

Setup a new motion detection under your camera

IO Server Avigilon WebEndpoint 8.png
IO Server Avigilon WebEndpoint 9.png

HSYCO Configuration

Add an AVIGILONAPI I/O Server in the I/O Servers section of the Settings and set its parameters:


  • IP Address: IP address of the AVIGILON ACC 7 or AVIGILON UNITY server.
  • IP Port: TCP/IP port to use, leave blank to use default port 8443

High Availability

  • Shutdown when inactive: defaults to false.


  • username: Username of the AVIGILON ACC 7 or AVIGILON UNITY client.
  • password: Password of the AVIGILON ACC 7 or AVIGILON UNITY client.
  • userkey: User api key Avigilon developer page.
  • usernonce: User api nonce Avigilon developer page.
  • pollingtime: Time in milliseconds that hsyco will wait before the next alarm check, leave blank or set it o 0 to use default polling time 300
  • usessl: Tells the driver if the webendpoint uses SSL or not, leave blank for true


ID Value R/W Description
connection online R HSYCO connection socket is open
offline R HSYCO cannot create the connection socket
<alarmName>.alarm 0 R The alarm is off
1 R The alarm is on
<alarmName>.state active, autoacknowledged, acknowledged R get an alarm state
<alarmName>.command trigger W triggers an alarm
<alarmName>.command ack W acks an alarm


Value Description
active This state indicates that the motion detection actually detected some movement
acknowledged This state indicates that the camera operator acknowledged the alarm
autoacknowledged This state indicates that motion detection has stopped detecting the movement


In this example HSYCO is using the following format to turn on a light when the alarm goes off:

io avigilonapi.newalarm.alarm = 1 : io dummy.light.1 = 1

Where "avigilonapi" is the name of the driver given in HSYCO and "newalarm" is the name of the alarm given in ACC

Release Notes


  • initial release

AVIGILON is a registered trademark of Avigilon Corporation