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HSYCO Srl develops state-of-the-art solutions for home and building automation systems.

Combining a clever design and unparalleled integration of leading technologies, we upgrade buildings to a different level of comfort, security and energy efficiency.

The HSYCO web-based project editor

HSYCO is an innovative Java-based software framework for home and building automation applications.

It is highly scalable, portable, secure, reliable and customizable.

HSYCO combines an efficient HTML5 GUI, with web-based design tools, and an extensive Java and JavaScript server API for the automation and control logic.

HSYCO scales well from the needs of a small home to the ones of large buildings and to those of distributed, multi-layer, supervision architectures.

HSYCO has built-in redundancy, tasks isolation and parallel execution of user code and drivers, independent watch-dog processes for each connected device, and a high-availability model inspired by the flight control systems of the aviation industry.

HSYCO is an open environment for developers, providing a powerful application programming interface that is based on the standard and widely known Java and javaScript languages.

It can be deeply customized to respond to all specific requirements of the most complex installation, and at the same time it is easy to maintain over the typical long life cycle of any building infrastructure.