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*'''image filename''': the image filename
*'''image filename''': the image filename
{{Note: IMG Filename}}
== Syntax ==
== Syntax ==
  (ir <irid>; <com>; <pos>; <color>; <label>; <repeat>)
  (ir <irid>; <com>; <pos>; <color>; <label>; <repeat>)

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Note  For a description and a complete list of UI Objects, see UI Objects.

A button used to send infrared (IR) commands through the IRTrans IR emitter/receiver network devices. It has three button versions with several colors (depending on the skin) and an image version with a custom image:

  • ir (standard size)
  • irmini (medium size)
  • irmicro (small size)
  • irimage (custom image)

UI Object ir.png


  • irid: IRTrans id, as defined in the list of the IRTrans parameter in hsyco.ini
  • com: the sequence of IR commands to send. Every command is composed by a name that identifies the commands database, followed by a comma and the name of the command in that database. Different commands in sequence can be separated by blank spaces. It is possible to insert the special @N command, which introduces a wait time of N milliseconds before sending the next command. For example:
denon-1036,on @4000 denon-1036,tv
sends the “on” command of the “denon-1036” remote control, then waits 4 seconds, and finally sends the “tv” command of the “denon-1036”
  • position: the object's position. Use the pixels or rows and columns coordinates format
  • label: the text label on the button. It can contain HTML tags
  • repeat: if true, the command will be repeat every second

For the button versions:

  • color: the color of the button. It can assume any of the skin's color values (E.g. for the "blue" skin, the possible values are: b - blue; g - green; gr - gray; r - red; y - yellow; glass)

For the image version:

  • image filename: the image filename
Image files are searched inside the www/<project's name>/img directory first, then inside the www/img directory.
If the filename is set with a UISet, it's possible to load an image from the web by entering the URL, or a path relative to www/<skin's name>/pic by specifying /pic/ followed by the filename


(ir <irid>; <com>; <pos>; <color>; <label>; <repeat>)

(irmini <irid>; <com>; <pos>; <color>; <label>; <repeat>)

(irmicro <irid>; <com>; <pos>; <color>; <label>; <repeat>)

(irimage <image filename>; <pos>; <width>; <height>; <irid>; <com>; <label>; <css>; <repeat>)


(ir 1; denon-1036,on; r1c1; gr; label; enabled)

(irmicro 1; denon-1036,on; x193y0; gr; label)

(irmini 1; denon-1036,on; x113y0; gr; label)

(irimage apple.png; x246y0; 81; 77; 1; denon-1036,on)