Release Notes 3.4.0

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Server Updates

  • Domino and Contatto I/O Server: improved communication error logging
  • Modbus Server I/O Server: added support for function 0x17 read/write multiple registers
  • HID Edge Solo I/O Server: added support for two readers door controller
  • Bentel KIO 320 I/O Server: partition buttons (P1-P12) are now automatically highlighted on armed areas
  • SSH I/O Server: added support for the "keyboard-interactive" authentication method
  • BACnet I/O Server: added support for segmented messages, limited to Read-Property-Response
  • Knx I/O Server:
    • removed framedelay option
    • improved frames confirmation handling
  • improved compatibility of SSL certificates with iOS
  • High Availability:
    • new option haActiveIP: an IP address that is assigned as an alias to the eth0 Ethernet port on the active server
    • new option haClientSessionsFailover: when true the slave server will mirror the master's authentication keys, allowing a clean transition of authenticated sessions from master to slave (defaults to false)
  • Data logger: new options (DaysBeforeDelete, DaysBeforeMonthConsolidation, DaysBeforeDayConsolidation, DaysBeforeHourConsolidation) for data consolidation and deletion


  • new Modbus JavaScript command method modbusReadWriteMultipleRegisters()

Java API

  • new Modbus command method modbusReadWriteMultipleRegisters()
  • urlGet() and urlPost() time-out now set to 30 seconds
  • new isVerboseLog() method in the custom drivers command and utility API: returns true when verbose log is enabled
  • new urlGet() and urlPost() methods in the custom drivers command and utility API

GUI Updates

  • new charcoal and bright skins
  • added range and spring attributes to sliderh and sliderv objects
  • userimage object with coordinates and repeat mode now supports moving the pointer in the object's area
  • scheduler object: allow end time to be less than start time (for schedules that cross midnight)
  • checkbox object: the value attribute set with uiSet is now case-insensitive and also accepts 0 or 1
  • German and Polish languages support
  • SSL certificate download link added to logout pop-up

Bug Fixes

  • MNET I/O Server: inlet temperature not working with decimal values
  • HSYCO I/O Server: fixed issue with remote (user) button commands having special parameters with special characters
  • TecnoAlarm I/O Server: output.N command data point not working
  • GSM I/O Server: fixed bug occurring when sending messages containing the '=' character
  • BACnet I/O Server: fixes to the BACnet Browser utility
  • sms object prevented popups from opening
  • Manager Settings: support for alternate comm port for Domino and Contatto I/O Servers
  • Modbus TCP Server I/O Server: fixed data length error in return PDU
  • Modbus JavaScript API: passed and returned numeric arrays should have elements with unsigned decimal values
  • JavaScript callback functions: varGet() and other functions of type String returned a "null" text instead of null in case of errors
  • input object: pressing the eraseicon failed to send the empty value if in autosend mode
  • minor fixes to the Project Editor: include sections could be moved and deleted
  • minor fixes to scheduler object: one touch scroll of detail panel
  • minor fixes to datalogger object: failed to update in some configurations