Release Notes 3.5.1

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Server Updates

  • ARTECOOC I/O Server:
    • new I/O Server for the Arteco Open Connector protocol
  • Contatto I/O Server:
    • MODANA updated to support negative active energy values
  • Domino I/O Server:
    • added support for DF4DV
    • added support for DF4RI / DF4RIR
    • added support for DF8RIT
    • added support for DFLS / DFLS-P
    • DFANA updated to support negative active energy values
  • HESA I/O Server:
    • added possibility to specify pin code with commands
  • INIM I/O Server:
    • added possibility to specify pin code with commands
  • Modbus I/O Server:
    • new "frameinterval" option to set fixed silence interval before each message
    • new "tcpgatewayaddress" and "tcpgatewayport" options to enable the Modbus TCP server / Modbus RTU master gateway
  • MyHome I/O Server:
    • new "monitoronly" option. Set to true to disable the Command Dispatcher and only use the I/O Server to monitor the bus status. Defaults to false
  • NMEA I/O Server:
    • new I/O Server for the NMEA 0183 protocol
  • NOTIFIER I/O Server:
    • minor changes to the sensor.<l>.<n>.fault data point
    • new activate and ack commands to the data point
  • SIP I/O Server:
    • improved compatibility with latest versions of linphone
  • SMTP I/O Server:
    • new basic SMTP email server
  • System Monitor I/O Server:
    • support for BTRFS root file system errors monitor
  • WXOnline I/O Server:
    • updated Yahoo API calls
  • new configuration options:
    • CamerasMinFreeSpaceBytes: cameras recording is disabled and older frames could be deleted if the file systems's free space drops below this level
    • DatabaseRecovery: if true and DatabaseBackup is also enabled, if an unrecoverable database error occurs at startup, HSYCO will save the corrupted database and try to recover from last backup, if available
  • Data loggers engine performance optimization at start-up
  • HSQLDB engine upgraded to version 2.3.3

Java API

  • new Java callback method: void httpRawEvent(String host, boolean secure, String version, String httpmethod, boolean gzip, String contenttype, String query, String session, String userid, BufferedOutputStream out, BufferedInputStream in)

JavaScript API

  • new JavaScript callback method: httpRawEvent(host, secure, version, httpmethod, gzip, contenttype, query, session, userid, in)

GUI Updates

  • keypad panel now has role button (in accessibility mode, the buttons will be identified as whole objects, like in the login page)


  • new Data Logger size window in System Settings/Data Loggers

Bug Fixes

  • Web audio play fixed
  • fixed log message error of automatic root backup
  • fixes to urlPost() method
  • events files marked as unsafe in the events directory were not skipped during reload
  • improved UTF-8 compatibility of sendMail() command methods
  • Domino I/O Server: fixed a bug that could cause erroneous readings of DFCC2 2'complement values
  • Galaxy I/O Server: minor fixes
  • Sonos I/O Server: fixed a bug preventing the driver to initialize correctly when a Sonos bridge is in the network
  • various fixes to French language localization
  • page title not shown
  • pages' protected parameter was ignored
  • datalogger: in browser mode, months didn’t advance correctly (e.g. from Dec 2014 to Jan 2015)
  • select object: html characters weren’t decoded
  • sliderbutton object: popup slider was not updated when visible
  • hesa object not visible in project editor dictionary
  • fix on progress bar of data loggers data recovery in Manager Settings
  • improved compatibility of downloaded directories zip files in File Manager