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The Manager is the Web-based toolkit of applications that you will use to create customized graphic user interfaces and access all system's configuration files.

The Manager runs on most modern Web browsers, including tablets like Apple’s iPad. It also runs on small screen devices like the iPhone or iPod touch, although a larger screen size is advisable for ease of use. Microsoft’s Internet Explorer versions 8 and older are not supported, and IE9 is not guaranteed to work, although it should in most cases.

To access the Manager, enter the following URL in your Web Browser:
The Manager's application popup
Touch “about” in the bottom left corner to show HSYCO’s current version information.

You need to authenticate using a PIN with administrator privileges to use the Manager.

The Manager has several applications:

  • Manager Settings Icon.png Settings - to configure the HSYCO system.
  • Manager Admin Icon.png Admin - for basic user and network settings.
  • Manager Project Editor Icon.png Project Editor - the visual editor used to create the user interfaces.
  • Manager File Manager Icon.png File Manager - provides access to all HSYCO's files, just like the standard file manager you have in your personal computer, only this one is fully Web-based and works directly on HSYCO Server's files.
  • Manager Status Browser Icon.png Status Browser - a real-time viewer of data points, variables and dynamic user interface attributes.
  • Manager System Monitor Icon.png System Monitor - used to monitor several key hardware and operating system parameter of the HSYCO server.
  • Manager Wiring Editor Icon.png Wiring Editor - an easy to use end-user logic and scenarios builder.
  • Manager KNX Utility Icon.png KNX Utility - accessible if the KNX I/O server is enabled

You can switch between applications from any application using the Manager Switching Applications.png button on the top bar.

Using a PC with a physical keyboard, you can also press [Ctrl] and [Shift] at the same time for fast switching between applications. An application selection panel appears until you keep the [Ctrl] key pressed; select the application you need by repeatedly pressing [Shift], then releasing [Ctrl].