Working with User Objects

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User objects are used to send commands to the server. There are few different user objects:

Commands can be dealt with from Java or JavaScript in the events environment.

Every user object has a name and a parameter, that are sent to the server, and a repeat mode. If this mode is enabled, the behaviour will change:

  • No repeat mode - the command is sent on the mouse up or touch up events
Working with User.1.gif
  • Repeat mode enabled - three types of commands are sent:
    • down: on mouse down or touch down events
    • repeat: if the button is still pressed, a repeat command is sent every second
    • up: on mouse up or touch up events, for a short press (less than a second, so no repeat commands have been sent yet)
    • stop: on mouse up or touch up events, for a long press (more than a second, so at least a repeat command has been sent)
Working with User.2.gif

A UserList object has a list of items, each behaving like a user object.

While programming keep in mind that due to connection errors or user inputs (e.g. changing page) communication could be interrupted, so in the case of a user object with repeat mode enabled, the final command (up or stop) could be lost


In this example we're going to use three user buttons to control a dimmer:

  • on/off: no repeat, switches the dimmer on and off
  • +: repeat mode, while pressed will increase the dimmer's value
  • -: repeat mode, while pressed will decrease the dimmer's value
Final results: index.hsm:
Working with Forms.3.gifWorking with Working with User.1.png Working with User.2.png

(#skin blue)
(#language en)
(#size 200x200)

(header Test User)

(usermini onoff;; r1c1; gr; on/off)
(usermini plus;; r2c1; gr; +; enabled)
(usermini less;; r3c1; gr; -; enabled)
(button dummy.dimmer.1; x93y34; label)
(text!mytext x0y126;)

The javascript code in events.txt:
init : {
	// dimmer value, initially off
	var dimmerValue = 50;
	var dimmerOn = false;
	// initialize dimmer

function userCommand(session, userid, name, value) : {
	// split value to get command type and repetitions (e.g. value/repeat/1)
	var v = value?value.split("/"):[];
	// onoff user button
	if (name == "onoff") {
		dimmerOn = !dimmerOn; // toggle on/off
		if (dimmerOn) {
		} else {
		// output text
		uiSet("mytext","text",name+" "+value+"<br>dimmer on: "+dimmerOn);
	// plus and less user buttons, with command down or repeat
	else if (v[1] == "down" || v[1] == "repeat") {
		// delta: increases on every repeat (1,5,10,15...)
		var d = 1;
		if (v[1] == "repeat")
			d = parseInt(v[2])*5;
		// plus or less
		if (name == "plus")
			dimmerValue += d;
			dimmerValue -= d;
		// check limits
		if (dimmerValue > 100)
			dimmerValue = 100;
		else if (dimmerValue < 0)
			dimmerValue = 0;
		// still on?
		dimmerOn = dimmerValue > 0;
		// set new value
		// output text
		uiSet("mytext","text",name+" "+value+"<br>dimmer value: "+dimmerValue+" ("+(d>0?"+":"")+d+")");
	return "";