HSYCO Remote for iOS Devices

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HSYCO Remote is an iOS application for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch that lets you easily connect to your HSYCO Server, in a more convenient way than traditional Web-based access.

HSYCO Remote can use Touch ID for authentication, and handles your PIN/PUK credentials automatically in the background.

HSYCO Remote allows you to define your favourite interfaces and to quickly switch between them. It also supports rotation lock and kiosk mode.

HSYCO Remote also offers Apple Watch support, so you can send any command to your HSYCO Server using your Apple Watch. And if you have multiple HSYCO Servers, a simple swipe on Apple Watch will immediately switch from one server to another.

HSYCO Remote requires iOS 8.2 or later, and HSYCO Server 3.5.0.

To download the HSYCO App, go to your Apple App Store and enter HSYCO in the search box, or click the App Store badge below.

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Configuring a connection

In the Connections page, press Edit, then + at the bottom, or select an existing connection to edit.

Enter a name for the connection (connections are listed in alphabetical order by name) and the URL to access your project on your HSYCO server.

If you have a default project on your server, and use a standard port for the HTTPS connection, you can simply enter the DNS name for your server, without the URL key and project name.

Enable the Remember PIN option to automatically save your PIN and PUK after the initial validation.

The Kiosk Mode option enables HSYCO’s kiosk mode, while Lock Rotation prevents rotation and switch between portrait and landscape pages in the project.

Enable the Favorite option if you want to have this connection in the Favorites list of the main Menu page.

If your server has a self-generated SSL certificate for HTTPS encryption, you should download and install the server’s certificate in your iOS device profiles, otherwise HSYCO Remote will not be able to establish the connection with the server. Press Download Certificate at the bottom of the page. Safari will open and let you download, accept and install the server’s certificate. Only after the certificate is installed you will be able to use the connection you have configured in HSYCO Remote.

Hsyco remote ios connections.png Hsyco remote ios connection edit.png


In Settings you can enable the Ask Password option to set a password, and optionally use Touch ID, to protect access to HSYCO Remote.

Once a password has been set, you can enable Touch ID, and set the Lock on Exit and Auto-Lock options.

When in landscape mode, you can hide the header by disabling the Header in Landscape Mode option. This option is disabled by default on the iPhone, and enabled on iPad.

Press Clear Cache if you want to clear all connections cache.

Reset Settings is used to reset all settings of HSYCO Remote.

Hsyco remote ios settings1.png Hsyco remote ios settings2.png

Apple Watch

If one or more of your connections are associated with HSYCO projects configured with Apple Watch menus, you will automatically have them configured in the Apple Watch.

If you change the Apple Watch menu in any project on HSYCO Server, simply open the corresponding connection in HSYCO Remote to load the new version. After this, next time you open HSYCO Remote on your Apple Watch, it will automatically show the updated command menu.

To create an Apple Watch menu for a project, use a project's UISet to set the app_watch attribute.