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Welcome to the HSYCO Wiki 3.5.0

HSYCO is an innovative Java-based software framework for home and building automation applications.

It is highly scalable, portable, secure, reliable and customizable. HSYCO combines an efficient HTML5 GUI, with web-based design tools, and an extensive Java and JavaScript server API for the automation and control logic.

Compared to legacy building automation solutions, it offers a state-of-the-art architecture that is fully based on leading modern standards, like HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript and Java.

This wiki contains all relevant configuration and development information of the latest version of HSYCO.

The documentation of previous versions is available in the Download page.

Installation and Configuration
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Design your interfaces and develop your applications

  • The latest stable release is 3.5.0
  • The latest release of the previous version is 3.4.0

3.5.0 Release Notes

3.4.0 Release Notes and Documentation

3.3.0 Release Notes and Documentation

Visit the Download page to download all current and past versions of the HSYCO server software.

  • 2015/10/15
    • HSYCO 3.5.0 release is available for download
  • 2015/9/26
    • HSYCO Remote App for iOS and Apple Watch is now available on the Apple App Store. Version 1.0.1 with improved support for iOS 9 coming soon
  • 2015/7/31
    • HSYCO 3.5.0 B0120 BETA is available for download
  • 2015/5/18
    • HSYCO 3.5.0 B0119 BETA is available for download
  • 2015/4/24
    • HSYCO 3.5.0 BETA documentation is on-line
  • 2014/12/22
    • HSYCO 3.4.0 release is available for download
  • 2014/10/24
    • Due to the large number of enhancements (not only bug fixes) in the current beta release, formerly known as 3.3.1, we are now promoting it to 3.4.0. There will be no official release of 3.3.1, and all changes are merged in the upcoming 3.4.0 release
  • 2014/8/7
    • HSYCO 3.3.1 B0115 BETA is now available for download
  • 2014/6/4
    • HSYCO 3.3.1 B0114 BETA is available for download
  • 2014/3/25
    • HSYCO 3.3.0 release is available for download
  • 2014/2/24
    • HSYCO 3.3.0 B0112 BETA is available for download
  • 2013/12/23
    • HSYCO 3.3.0 B0109 BETA is available for download
  • 2013/9/10
    • HSYCO 3.2.3 release is available for download
  • 2013/6/12
    • HSYCO 3.2.2 release is available for download
  • 2013/4/19
    • HSYCO 3.2.1 release is available for download

Older news have been removed from this site. If you need specific information about old releases, please contact us.

Service Bulletins