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Iono Pi is a versatile I/O module that combines several digital and analog input lines, power relay outputs and support for standard interfaces, typical of modern PLCs, with the powerful computing core of the Raspberry Pi.

iono Pi

This driver provides support for iono Pi pre-installed with the Sfera Framework and the Sfera Driver for Iono Pi.

HSYCO Configuration

Add a IONO Pi I/O Server in the I/O Servers section of the Settings and set its parameters:

Note that the IONO Pi I/O Server doesn't count in the I/O servers license total, so you don't need an extra I/O Server license to use IONO Pi with HSYCO.


  • IP Address: the IP address assigned to iono;

High Availability

  • Shutdown when inactive: defaults to false.


ID Default Values Description
https false true use HTTPS to communicate with Iono Pi
false use HTTP to communicate with Iono Pi
startupevents true true generate IO events also during the driver’s start-up phase
false start generating events only after HSYCO is aligned with the current status of the system
wiegandbits false true the wiegand datapoints report bits count and data value
false the wiegand datapoints report the data value only


ID Value R/W Description
connection online R connection established
offline R HSYCO can't connect to the device
driverstate init R Sfera driver is initializing
quit R Sfera driver quit
running R Sfera driver is running (normal state)
led 0 R LED L1 is off
W turn LED L1 off
1 R LED L1 is on
W turn LED L1 on
o<1-4> 0 R relay <1-4> is off
W switch off relay <1-4>
1 R relay <1-4> is on
W switch on relay <1-4>
oc<1-3> 0 R open collector output <1-3> is off (not grounded)
W switch off open collector output <1-3>
1 R open collector output <1-3> is on (grounded)
W switch on open collector output <1-3>
di<1-6> 0 R digital input <1-6> is low
1 R digital input <1-6> is high
ai<1-4> <val> R analog input <1-4> is reading a voltage equal to <val> (in Volts)
wiegand.<1-2> <val> R if option "wiegandbits" set to false. Value as an unsigned integer in base 16 (hex) read on the specified Wiegand interface (e.g. "2c646a2")
<bits>/<val> R if option "wiegandbits" set to true. Number of bits and value (hex) read on the specified Wiegand interface (e.g. "26/2c646a2")
onewire.bus.<id> <val> R 1-Wire device <id> value

User Interface

To control a digital output (O1 ... O4, OC1 ... OC3, LED), add a button or a buttonicon object to your project page and set its address field to the corresponding datapoint:

IonoPi UI Button.png

Release Notes


  • added support for iono pi driver v1.3.0 and "wiegandbits" option


  • initial release

Iono Pi is a registered trademark of Sfera Labs Srl