MQTTBroker Utility

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The MQTTBroker Utility application provides a graphical interface to configure a MQTTBROKER I/O Server. When a MQTTBROKER I/O Server is defined in HSYCO, the MQTTBroker Utility will appear among the applications of the manager.

To configure MQTT clients to be used with HSYCO, enable auto-discovery ("Auto-discovery" checkbox). MQTT clients transmitting will appear in the list:

Clients discovery

From the list, click on each client to add, edit and save its configuration.

Client configuration


  • ID: the ID to assign to the client. It cannot be empty. The default value corresponds to the IP address of the client
  • Username: client's username
  • Password: client's password

To manually add a device click on the "+" button at the bottom-left corner of the page.

To remove a device, click on it from the list, click on "Delete" and confirm. If the auto-discovery is enabled, the device will reappear upon the next received frame from it.

Disable the auto-discovery when all the required devices have been configured.

The devices list shows the following fields:

  • ID: ID of the device
  • Online: connection status of the client with the MQTT broker
  • Last seen: date and time of the last received valid frame

Committing the configuration

When all clients are configured, click on the "Commit" button on the top-right corner of the main page. The configuration will be persisted and the MQTTBroker I/O Server will restart with the new configuration.