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The Tecnoalarm TP16-256, TP8-64BUS, TP8-96VIDEO, TP8-96GSM, TP16-512GSM, TP8-88 and TP20-440 are advanced, multi-area security systems integrated with a variety of wired and wireless sensors.

The TECNO OUT driver in HSYCO supports the integration of more than one TP unit within the same HSYCO interface.

The integration with HSYCO can be accomplished with a TCP/IP network connection.

HSYCO Configuration

Add a TECNOALARM I/O Server in the I/O Servers section of the Settings and set its parameters:


  • IP Address: the Tecnoalarm panel address
  • IP Port: TCP/IP port enabled on the TECNO OUT.

High Availability

  • Shutdown when inactive: defaults to true.

Note The code and model parameters in Options are actually mandatory. The I/O Server cannot start without these parameters.


ID Default Values Description
code code the user code that the driver uses when sending commands to the Tecnoalarm system. It must be a valid user code, or the MASTER code when using the TP8-64BUS
model string the system’s model. Use one of the following values: TP16-256, TP8-64BUS, TP8-96VIDEO, TP8-96GSM, TP16-512GSM, TP8-88, TP8-88P, TP20-440
startupevents false true generate IO events also during the driver’s start-up phase
false start generating events only after HSYCO is aligned with the current status of the system
gui true true enable support of the tecnoalarm Web interface object
false disable support of the tecnoalarm Web interface object
userlogs false true generates logs that can be viewed with the userlist object, and can be selected to generate user events
false logs for userlist objects disabled. Normal text logs are generated even when this option is false
logsize 50 n ≥ 0 the number of log events shown in the tecnoalarm Web object. Set to 0 to hide the log in the tecnoalarm object
pass string the passphrase used to encrypt the TCP/IP traffic. If the Tecnoalarm system doesn’t support the passphrase, you should omit this parameter
polltime 1000 n ≥ 0 the data polling interval, in milliseconds. Shorter time improve the response of the system, but increase the load on the CPU of both HSYCO and the Tecnoalarm system


ID Value R/W Description
connection online R connection established
offline R connection failed
system.standby 1 R general system stand-by status
0 R reset
system.fault 1 R general system fault (low battery or no AC power)
0 R reset
system.lowbattery 1 R general low battery fault
0 R reset
system.nopower 1 R general no AC power fault
0 R reset
system.tamper 1 R general tamper condition (central unit, zones, modules, modules loss of connection)
0 R reset
system.radiofault 1 R general radio modules fault
0 R reset
system.duress 1 R duress status
0 R reset
system.techzone 1 R general technical zones open status
0 R reset
system.normal 1 R normal status (AC power ok, battery ok, all zones closed, no tamper)
0 R reset
system.maintenance 1 R maintenance mode
0 R reset
system.panic 1 R panic alarm
0 R reset
system.indoorsiren 1 R general status of indoor sirens
0 R reset
system.outdoorsiren 1 R general status of outdoor sirens
0 R reset
zone.<n>.excluded 1 R zone <n> disabled
0 R zone <n> enabled
zone.<n>.alarm 1 R zone <n> alarm
0 R reset
zone.<n>.cablecutstatus 1 R zone <n> cable cut
0 R reset
zone.<n>.cablecutalarm 1 R zone <n> cable cut alarm
0 R reset
zone.<n>.lowbattery 1 R zone <n> low battery
0 R reset
zone.<n>.noradio 1 R zone <n> radio supervision lost
0 R reset
zone.<n>.active 1 R zone <n> active
0 R reset
zone.<n>.radiolearned 1 R zone <n> radio learned
0 R zone <n> radio not learned
zone.<n> enable W sends a zone <n> enable command using default code
disable W sends a zone <n> disable command using default code
enable.C W sends a zone <n> enable command using code C
disable.C W sends a zone <n> disable command using code C
program.<n>.status off R program <n> reset
preout R program <n> pre out status
out R program <n> out status
armed R program <n> armed
outpartial R program <n> out partial status
armedpartial R program <n> armed partial
endpartial R program <n> end of partial
program.<n>.prealarm 1 R program <n> pre-alarm
0 R reset
program.<n>.alarm 1 R program <n> alarm
0 R reset
program.<n>.alarmmemory 1 R program <n> alarm memory
0 R reset
program.<n> arm W sends a program <n> arm command using default code
disarm W sends a program <n> disarm command using default code
partial W sends a program <n> partial arm command using default code
full W sends a program <n> full arm command using default code
arm.<C> W sends a program <n> arm command using code <C>
disarm.<C> W sends a program <n> disarm command using code <C>
partial.<C> W sends a program <n> partial arm command using code <C>
full.<C> W sends a program <n> full arm command using code <C>
output.<n>.status 1 R output line <n> on
0 R output line <n> off
output.<n> 1 W sends an output <n> on command using default code
0 W sends an output <n> off command using default code
1.<C> W sends an output <n> on command using code <C>
0.<C> W sends an output <n> off command using code <C>

User Interface

Tecnoalarm Object

The user interface for the Tecnoalarm multi-area intrusion detection system:

UI Object tecnoalarm.png

The Tecnoalarm object is listed in the Project Editor’s new object list only when at least one Tecnoalarm I/O Server is defined.


  • server id: the server ID. Supports Redirect variables
  • position: the object's position. Use the pixels or rows and columns coordinates format


(tecnoalarm <server id>; <position>)


(tecnoalarm serverid; x10y20)

UISET Actions

ID Attribute Set to
connection.label.online visible true when the panel is connected to HSYCO, false otherwise
connection.label.offline visible true when the panel is not connected, false otherwise
program.<n>.status.label.off visible true when program <n> is off
program.<n>.status.label.preout visible true when program <n> is in pre out status, false otherwise
program.<n>.status.label.out visible true when program <n> is in out status, false otherwise
program.<n>.status.label.armed visible true when program <n> is armed, false otherwise
program.<n>.status.label.outpartial visible true when program <n> is in out partial status, false otherwise
program.<n>.status.label.armedpartial visible true when program <n> is partial armed, false otherwise
program.<n>.alarm.label visible true when program <n> alarm is active, false otherwise
zone.<n>.excluded.label visible true when zone <n> excluded, false otherwise
zone.<n>.alarm.label visible true when zone <n> alarm is active, false otherwise
zone.<n>.cablecut.label visible true when zone <n> cable cut detected (status or alarm), false otherwise
zone.<n>.lowbattery.label visible true when zone <n> has low battery, false otherwise
zone.<n>.noradio.label visible true when zone <n> radio supervision lost, false otherwise
zone.<n>.active.label visible true when zone <n> is active, false otherwise
lock.label visible true when the system is armed, false otherwise
alarm.label visible true when the alarm is active, false otherwise
tamper.label visible true when a tamper alarm is active, false otherwise

Log Files

A permanent record of all the events shown in the log page is saved in a file called security.log in the logs/YYYY directory for the current year.

This file is never overwritten or deleted by HSYCO.

2014.07.02 17:56:19.188 - tecno - 02/07/10 17:57:29 Activate Remote 6 Monitor
2014.07.02 17:56:22.211 - tecno - 02/07/10 17:57:32 Deactivate  Remote 6 Monitor
2014.07.02 17:56:48.174 - tecno - 02/07/10 17:57:58 Access Remote Master Keyboard
2014.07.02 19:00:06.825 - tecno - 02/07/10 19:01:16 Access Remote Master Keyboardd
2014.07.07 17:07:41.871 - tecno - 07/07/10 17:09:31 Activate Remote 6 Monitor
2014.07.07 17:07:43.669 - tecno - 07/07/10 17:09:32 Deactivate Remote 6 Monitor

Other information related to the Tecnoalarm Tecno Out driver are saved in the daily message.log files.

Release Notes


  • adds support for TP8-88P


  • added support for TP20-440


  • output.N command data point not working
  • fixed a bug that caused HSYCO to crash when the code and/or model mandatory parameters were not defined
  • user codes starting with one or more zeroes didn't work
  • fixed a bug that could prevent reading of the zones status of the TP 8-88 panel


  • added support for TP8-88
  • Tecnoalarm Tecno Out driver converted to I/O Server
  • Java API write command methods are now obsolete and deprecated, replaced by IO write commands
  • new (tecnoalarm) object
  • new option persistentconnection = <true|false>. If true (default is false) the I/O Server will not periodically disconnect and reconnect (periodic disconnection is used to avoid performance degradation on some firmware versions)
  • new option userlogs. Used to create (userlist) clickable logs


  • Tecno Out: workaround to address a performance issue on Tecno Out introduced with firmware 1.2.07


  • full integration within HSYCO 2.9.0


  • fixed a bug affecting the TCP/IP communication when using a passphrase

Tecnoalarm is a registered trademarks of Tecnoalarm srl.