Iono Pi Wiegand Controller

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The Iono Pi module can be used as an IP networked controller for Wiegand keypads and card readers for access control solutions.

Each module can monitor up to two Wiegand devices that can be used to grant access to, via Iono Pi's relays, two independent gates or to a single gate requiring access control for both entrance and exit.

The access control rules can be defined in HSYCO using the Access Control plugin or implementing custom logic.

Iono Pi setup


As first step clone this image on Iono Pi's SD card, it requires an SD card of at least 4GB.


Connect the Wiegand devices to Iono Pi as follows.

Wiegand device 1: DATA0 to TTL1 and DATA1 to TTL2

Wiegand device 2: DATA0 to TTL3 and DATA1 to TTL4

If Iono Pi is powered with a Voltage compatible with the Wiegand devices you can use pin VSOUT and GND to power them, otherwise power them using a separate power supply.

Make sure the the jumpers....

Network configuration

Once it is ready, power up Iono Pi and connect it to the network via Ethernet