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An infrared command is composed by the name that identifies the commands database, followed by a comma and the name of the command in the database.

More commands in a sequence can be separated by “;”.

It is possible to insert the special command @N, which introduces a wait time of N milliseconds before sending the next command.

This command:


sends the “on” command of the “denon-1036” remote, then waits 4 seconds before sending the “tv” command.

Moreover, the special command @0 allows to send IR commands without wait times before sending the next command.

When the @N delay before an IR command is not specified, there will be a default 500ms pause between commands; with @0 this pause will be reduced to 1ms.

For example:


sends the “on” command of the “denon” remote, immediately followed by the “on” command of the “nad” remote.

Note Every IRTrans can contain a database of several remote controls, and each database stores the list of the distinct IR commands. If the hsyco/ir directory contains a .ccfhex file corresponding to the database name, then the CCF string in the file is used instead of sending the command stored in the IRTrans internal database.