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The ARTECOOC I/O Server can be used to interface HSYCO and the Arteco Next platform using the Arteco Open Connector SDK protocol.

The current release of the I/O Server has been tested with the Arteco Open Connector protocol V6. It automatically handles connection and authentication to the OC server, and offers simple commands to send events and control output devices.

HSYCO Configuration

Add an ARTECOOC I/O Server in the I/O Servers section of the Settings and set its parameters:


  • IP Address: host name or IP address of the Arteco Open Connector server
  • IP Port: TCP/IP port to use, leave blank to use default port 80
  • User: username
  • Password: password.

High Availability

  • Shutdown when inactive: defaults to false.


ID Default Values Description
connectorid N the connector ID, configured in the Arteco Next platform. This parameter is mandatory; the I/O Server will not start without a valid ID.


ID Value R/W Description
connection online R connection established
offline R HSYCO can't connect to the Arteco Open Connector server
event value W send an event notification
io.<s>.<p> 0 R pin <p> of server <s> successfully set to 0
W set pin <p> of server <s> to 0
1 R pin pin <p> of server <s> successfully set to 1
W set pin <p> of server <s> to 1

You can send simple events, with only a text description, by writing a plain text message to the event datapoint, for example:

init : io connector.event = "this is the description of an event sent to Open Connector wevery time the events code is updated"

You can also sent any custom XML section data compatibile with the Open Connector protocol specification, by simply passing the full XML string of all relevant sections in the value, including empty sections, after the plain text description. For example, the following function cound be used to send an event with custom XML data:

function OCURLEventDataBlock(text, icon, label, datablock, url) {
	ioSet('connector.event', text + '<cameras />' + datablock +
		'<io /><web><web-device id="10"><icon id="' + icon + '" /><label>' + label + '</label><target><url>' +
		url + '</url></target></web-device></web>');

Release Notes


  • verbose log output of XML content posted to server and return data
  • session id support


  • initial release

ARTECO is a registered trademark of Arteco Srl.