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Avigilon Control Center (ACC) 7 is a video management software that can be integrated in HSYCO with a TCP/IP connection. The current release of the I/O Server has been tested with the Avigilon Control Center

Note This driver supports only a single connection with an Avigilon Control Server. If you have multiple Avigilon Control Servers it is mandatory to add more I/O servers to HSYCO, one for each Avigilon Control Server. Every I/O server must use a different TCP/IP port.


Here's an example of how to configure Avigilon Control Center to get a message from HSYCO and trigger an action.

Select POS Trasanction in the Advanced configuration menu

IO Server Avigilon 2.png

Set the transaction source device to the IP address of HSYCO and TCP/IP port specified in the I/O Server declaration (e.g. 10001)

IO Server Avigilon 3.png

Edit the Transaction Source Data Format

IO Server Avigilon 4.png

Configure data format as follows

IO Server Avigilon 5.png

In this example HSYCO is using the following format:


Where "dummyalarm.z24.open" is a datapoint, "0" its value

Now it is possible to setup Transaction Exceptions, for example to trigger a recording when a zone is alarmed.

IO Server Avigilon 6.png
IO Server Avigilon 7.png
IO Server Avigilon 8.png
IO Server Avigilon 9.png

Note The object URL could be used to show an HSYCO interface inside ACC7

IO Server Avigilon 10.png
IO Server Avigilon 11.png

HSYCO Configuration

Add an AVIGILON I/O Server in the I/O Servers section of the Settings and set its parameters:


  • IP Address: IP address of the AVIGILON ACC 7 server. Set to to allow any remote IP address to connect.
  • IP Port: TCP/IP port to use, leave blank to use default port 10001

High Availability

  • Shutdown when inactive: defaults to false.


ID Value R/W Description
connection online R HSYCO connection socket is open
offline R HSYCO cannot create the connection socket
write value W write the message <value> on the connection socket

You can send simple events, by writing a plain text message to the write datapoint, for example:

init : {
   if (typeof String.prototype.startsWith != 'function') {
       String.prototype.startsWith = function (str){
       return this.indexOf(str) == 0;};

function IOEvent(name, value) : {
    if (name.startsWith("dummyalarm.z")){
        var message = "#\n" + name + "=" + value + "\n*";
        ioSet("avi.write", message);

This code writes on the Avigilon I/O server "avi" a message everytime a datapoint starting with "dummyalarm" change its value. The syntax of the message it the same described in the Communication section.


Release Notes


  • initial release

AVIGILON is a registered trademark of Avigilon Corporation