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Note  For a description and a complete list of UI Objects, see UI Objects.

A button, graphically identical to link, that controls the address of a camera or camerapanel object.


  • address: the name of the camera, as in the Cameras parameter in hsyco.ini, or the name of a camera grid, defined as gridN, where N is the grid number assigned in hsyco.ini
  • position: the object's position. Use the pixels or rows and columns coordinates format
  • color: button color, see color attribute for possible values
  • label: the text label on the button. Can contain HTML tags
  • destination panel id: optional. If set to a panel id, will show the camera on that camera panel


(cameralink <address>; <position>; <color>; <label>; <destination panel id>)


(cameralink kitchen; x20y20; gr; Kitchen; campanel1)

UI Attributes

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