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The Elsner P03/3-MODBUS is a solid-state weather station with a standard Modbus RTU slave interface. It measures temperature, wind speed and brightness (eastern, southern and western sun) and recognizes precipitation.

IO Server Elsner Module.png


The P03/3 has a Modbus interface. The default connection parameters are:

  • Modbus address: 1
  • RS-485 parameters:
Baud rate 19200
Data bits 8
Stop bit 1
Parity even
Flow control none

Refer to the P03/3 data sheet for installation, wiring and power supply requirements.

HSYCO Configuration

Add an ELSNERP03M I/O Server in the I/O Servers section of the Settings and set its parameters:


  • Comm ID: select a MODBUSTCP I/O server if using a Modbus gateway, or the serial port id when using a direct RS-485 port with HSYCO acting as Modbus RTU master.

High Availability

  • Shutdown when inactive: defaults to true.


ID Default Values Description
gui true true enable support for the UI object, UISET actions and USER commands
false disable UI support
startupevents false true generate IO events also during the driver’s start-up phase
false start generating events only after HSYCO is aligned with the current status of the system
pollinterval 30 > 1 the data acquisition interval, in seconds
address 1 > 1 the Modbus address of the P03/3 device


ID Value R/W Description
connection online R connection established to the P03/3
offline R HSYCO can’t connect to the P03/3
temp signed integer
-40C .. +80C
R signed integer representing the measured temperature, in 10th of Celsius degrees
(e.g. 210 corresponds to 21.0C)
light positive integer
0 .. 99
R sun light in kilolux, equal to the maximum value detected by the three side sensors
light.east positive integer
0 .. 99
R sun light in kilolux, detected from East-side sensor
light.south positive integer
0 .. 99
R sun light in kilolux, detected from South-side sensor
light.west positive integer
0 .. 99
R sun light in kilolux, detected from West-side sensor
light.lux positive integer
0 .. 999
R ambient light in lux (corresponds to the P03-Modbus address 8)
wind positive integer R wind in 10th of m/s (e.g. 32 corresponds to 3.2 m/s)
rain 0 R no rain
1 R rain

User Interface

UISET Actions

ID Attribute Set to
temp value the current temperature in Celsius degrees with one decimal digit, followed by " °C"
light value the current sun light in klux, followed by "klux"
light.lux value the current ambient light in lux, followed by "lux"
wind value the current wind in m/s, followed by " m/s"

Release Notes


  • fixed a bug that could cause erroneous readings of negative value temperatures


  • new "light.lux" data point


  • full integration in HSYCO 2.10.0

Elsner is a registered trademark of Elsner Elektronik GmbH.