Files to GSM

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This plugin provides an application for sending SMS messages by writing simple text files.

This app works in combination with the GSM I/O Server to send SMS notifications.

Before using the app, configure the GSM I/O Server and make sure it communicates correctly with HSYCO.


Writing text files in a sub-directory named "files_to_gsm" will generate alerts to the specified SMS destination numbers.

The messages sub-directory is also accessible, just like the main HSYCO directory, from remote systems as a shared HSYCO network disk server.

The plugin constantly scans the directory for text files (files starting with "." are ignored) having the following format:


Note that files are ignored if the last line is different from the terminator text "=end=". This is intended to prevent the plugin from processing files that are not yet fully written by an external applicaton.

You can have multiple message lines in each file.

Each line specifies a text message and the numbers to be sent to:

Text files are automatically deleted after processing.

message.txt example

3281122333, 3332233444#This is a message sent to those two phone numbers