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Each page of type menu and page, can have multiple gestures assigned.

This is done through the gestures attribute on the Project Editor, which is specified through a meta tag in the source code.

There are six different types of gestures available:

Name Description Default value
Gesture icon swipeup.png swipeup swipe towards the top of the screen off
Gesture icon swipedown.png swipedown swipe towards the bottom of the screen page:menu
Gesture icon swipeleft.png swipeleft swipe towards the left side of the screen page:forward
Gesture icon swiperight.png swiperight swipe towards the right side of the screen page:back
Gesture icon pinchin.png pinchin drag two fingers together off
Gesture icon pinchout.png pinchout drag two fingers apart off

Each gesture can have one of the following values:

Name Description
off no gesture assigned
user completing the gesture will generate a user call with name "gesture" and param "<type of gesture>/<page id (without page:)>".

E.g. param:"swipeleft/menu"

page:<page id> navigate to the specified page id
page:back navigate to previous page in history
page:forward navigate to next page in history


Gesture meta tags follow a page declaration (menu) or (page).

Gestures are specified with a semicolon-separated list of name=value pair.

(#gestures <gesture type>=<value>; <gesture type>=<value> ... )


(#gestures swipedown=off; swipeup=page:cameras; pinchin=user)