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mFi mPower products are mFi controllable power outlets with Wi-Fi capability.

Supported models are mPower, mPower (EU), mPower mini, mPower mini (EU), mPower PRO, mPower PRO (EU).

The MPOWER I/O Server in HSYCO creates a data point representation that you can use in the EVENTS language and Java to read the individual outlets status and energy data, and turn them on and off. It also automatically allows you to create control objects for the Web user interface.

HSYCO Configuration

Add an MPOWER I/O Server in the I/O Servers section of the Settings and set its parameters:


  • IP Address: host name or IP address of the mPower device
  • IP Port: leave blank, the I/O Server always uses port 22
  • User: username, leave blank to use default username "ubnt"
  • Password: password, leave blank to use default password "ubnt".

High Availability

  • Shutdown when inactive: defaults to false.


ID Default Values Description
startupevents false true generate IO events also during the driver’s start-up phase
false start generating events only after HSYCO is aligned with the current status of the system
outputdiscovery false true automatically creates the list of all outputs in the systemtopo.txt file. Should be enabled to allow the automatic update of (button) objects’ states
false auto-detect for output devices is disabled
decimals 0 >= 0 number of decimals used for power, energy, voltage, current and power factor


The data points associated to the input pins are named “i0” to “i7”. The data points associated to the output pins are named “o0” to “o7”.

The I/O Server generates asynchronous events based on the status of the Arteco module’s input and output pins. The output data points can be written to control the output pins.

ID Value R/W Description
connection online R connection established
offline R HSYCO can't connect to the device
<n> 0 R outlet <n> is off
W turn outlet <n> off
1 R outlet <n> is on
W turn outlet <n> on
<n>.energy <val> R outlet <n> total energy in Wh
<n>.i <val> R outlet <n> current (A)
<n>.pf <val> R outlet <n> power factor
<n>.p <val> R outlet <n> power (W)
<n>.v <val> R outlet <n> voltage (V)

User Interface

When using the default settings of the MPOWER I/O Server, all outlets are automatically defined in the Project Editor and can be easily associated to any control button of the Web interface.

Release Notes


  • initial release

mFi and mPower are registered trademarks of Ubiquiti Inc.