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The NMEA I/O Server implements a basic NMEA 0183 TCP client that connects to a NMEA 0183 source and receives all sentences, checking and discarding the checksum of valid messages, and ignoring invalid messages.

Different datapoints are generated for each sentence. The datapoint name is the lowercase sentence tag.

The value is a comma separated string of all fields following the tag. The checksum field and its "*" delimiter character are not included in the value string. The "$" or "!" start delimiters are not included in the datapoint names. Sentences not starting with the "$" or "!" start delimiters or with a wrong checksum are discarded.

HSYCO Configuration

Add an NMEA I/O Server in the I/O Servers section of the Settings and set its parameters:


  • IP Address: host name or IP address of the NMEA 0183 server
  • IP Port: TCP/IP port of the NMEA 0183 server

High Availability

  • Shutdown when inactive: defaults to false.




ID Value R/W Description
connection online R connection established
offline R HSYCO can't connect to the NMEA 0183 TCP server
<tag> value R the sentence fields, excluding leading sentence tag and checksum

Note that events are only generated on datapoint's change, so repeated identical sentences don't generate multiple events.

Release Notes


  • improved NMEA sentences parser compatibility


  • initial release

ARTECO is a registered trademark of Arteco Srl.