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HSYCO is a software platform that integrates many third-party hardware products, but doesn't require any specialized hardware itself.

Because HSYCO is a server solution that needs a reliable platform to run unattended and continuously, we sell it as a hardware/software appliance, with a pre-configured Ubuntu Linux operating system installed on high-quality computer hardware.

We offer several different versions, running on different hardware and with sotfware license limits on the number of drivers and external systems that each version supports:

  • HSYCO PRO - The unparalleled, powerful, scalable & cost effective solution for Building Automation
  • HSYCO MINI - Powerful and flexible for Home & Small Business and Distributed Sites
  • HSYCO Pi - A powerful, customizable and cost effective engine for local and remote control solutions
  • HSYCO TOUCH - The integrated touch-PC based solution for plant supervision and VoiP intercom and telephony.

Please go to the HSYCO main site for additional sales information.

If you need to install HSYCO on other hardware platforms, including Apple Mac OS X or virtualized architectures, you should contact us to share your requirements. HSYCO is a very flexible and scalable solution, that will very likely fit your needs better than any other solution.