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Note  For a description and a complete list of UI Objects, see UI Objects.

A slider object that sends requests to the server.

Using this object you can execute customized Java code or generate events for the EVENTS interpreter, like with the user object, passing the object's name and the selected value.

Three versions are available:

  • slider: vertical slider with a label and an on/off button
UI Object slider.png
  • sliderv: minimal vertical slider
UI Object sliderv.png
  • sliderh: minimal horizontal slider
UI Object sliderh.png


  • address: address passed to the Java callback method and event in EVENTS
  • position: the object's position. Use the pixels or rows and columns coordinates format
  • label: the text label on the button. Can contain HTML tags


(slider!<id> <address>; <position>; <label>)

(sliderv!<id> <address>; <position>)

(sliderh!<id> <address>; <position>)


(slider!myslider slider1; x10y20; Label)

(sliderv!myslider slider1; x10y20)

(sliderh!myslider slider1; x10y20)

UI Attributes

Common attributes

Name Value Description
pos x<x>y<y> Position specified as x/y coordinates. E.g. x-5y10
visible true Default. Show the object
false Hide the object
blink true | slow Blink the object at a slow speed
fast Blink the object at a fast speed
false Stop the blinking
opacity 0.0 ... 1.0 Object opacity from 0 (not visible) to 1 (fully visible)
rotation 0 ... 360 Object rotation in degrees. Images are rotated around the center point, all other objects are rotated around the top left corner

Slider attributes

Name Value Description
value <min>-<max> Set the slider's value, from <min> to <max>
0%-100% Set the slider's value, from 0% to 100%
off Set the slider's value to <max> (on) or <min> (off)
0-n/n Set the slider's value, specifying a base. E.g. 64/256 sets the slider to 25%
range <min>,<max> Specify minimum and maximum values that the slider's value can assume. Default values are <min>,<max>
bar true Show the value bar
false Hide the value bar
barcolor CSS color Set the value bar's color
inverse true Inverts the slider's bar verse: on a slider object the cursor is at the top when the value is <min>, at the bottom when the value is <max>
false Default behaviour
spring <value> When moving and then releasing the cursor, it moves back to the defined spring value
enabled true Field is enabled
false Field is disabled
A CSS color can be specified as
  • hex value: #<rr><gg><bb> E.g. #FF1010
  • color name: red, blue, white...
  • as rgb: rgb(<r>,<g>,<b>) E.g. rgb(255,30,30)
  • as rgba: rgba(<r>,<g>,<b>,<alpha>) E.g. rgba(255,30,30,0.5)