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If you want to navigate to a specific page when the button is pressed (it would be like pressing a Link object), return a string starting with "page:" followed by the page name; in this case, userCommand() will be called again when that popup or page is closed, with "/close" appended to param.

You can also use "page:back" or "page:forward" to move back and forth along the pages' navigation history. Use "page:close" to close a popup.

When the interface is loaded inside the HSYCO App (iOS or Android), you can send a specific command to the app by returning a string that starts with “app:“ followed by the command; the commands currently supported are “speech“, which enables the speech recognition, and “codescan“ which enables qr/bar code scanning.

Use "copy:<text>" to copy a text in the clipboard. In the HSYCO App you can also use "share:<text>" to open a popup with various options. This will behave like "copy" on browser.