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Note  For a description and a complete list of UI Objects, see UI Objects.

Displays a video. According to the HTML5 standard, the supported video formats are mp4, webm, and ogv, but actual support depends on the Web browser being used to access the pages. It allows dynamic control of position, visibility, play/pause and mode.


  • id: the object's ID, used by UISets
  • src: path to the video file, without the extension. The browser will automatically select a supported format between the available versions (MP4, OGG and WEBM)
  • position: the object's position. Use the pixels or rows and columns coordinates format
  • size:the video's width and height
  • mode: selects the playback mode, see the mode attribute below
Video files are searched inside the www/<project's name>/img directory first, then inside the www/img directory.
The extension must not be specified. The browser will search for MP4, OGG and WEBM extension, depending on which format is supported


(video!id <src>; <pos>; <width>; <height>; <mode>)


(video!myvideo video; r5c2; 100; 100; stop)

UI Attributes

Common attributes

Name Value Description
pos x<x>y<y> Position specified as x/y coordinates. E.g. x-5y10
visible true Default. Show the object
false Hide the object
blink true | slow Blink the object at a slow speed
fast Blink the object at a fast speed
false Stop the blinking
opacity 0.0 ... 1.0 Object opacity from 0 (not visible) to 1 (fully visible)
rotation 0 ... 360 Object rotation in degrees. Images are rotated around the center point, all other objects are rotated around the top left corner

Video attributes

Name Value Description
controls true Default value. Controls are visible
false Controls are hidden
mode stop Default value. The video is paused when the page is shown
auto The video is automatically played when the page is shown
loop The video is cyclically played when the page is shown
play true Play the video
pause true Pause the video