Wi-Fi Client Location Services

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Wi-Fi client location allows you to track the association and de-association of HSYCO's wireless clients to the local network access points.

HSYCO will generate location events in JavaScript, Java and EVENTS whenever a client connects or disconnects from an access point.

You can also easily associate a page to one or more locations.

Thanks to the association between pages and locations, you can click the location name that is shown in the top-right area of the menu bar to jump to the pages associated to that area.

HSYCO Configuration

To enable the Wi-Fi client location services, you should define the appropriate configuration parameters, that is LocationBases with the list of all the Access Points and LocationBaseIP.<name> with the IP address of each Access Point.

The SYSLOG server must also be enabled, specifying the IP listening port (the standard port for the SYSLOG service on UDP protocol is 514), with the SysLogServerPort=<port> parameter.

Supported Access Points

You should configure each Access Point so that it sends its log messages to the SYSLOG server at the HSYCO server IP address.

HSYCO Wi-Fi Client Location Services support Apple, Netgear and Funkwerk access points.