XGenConnect (I/O Server Object)

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Note  For a description and a complete list of UI Objects, see UI Objects.

The user interface for the XGenConnect multi-area intrusion detection system:

XGenConnect UI Object 1.png XGenConnect UI Object 2.png XGenConnect UI Object 3.png

The first image shows the list of configured areas. You can set the alarm to partial level or away level for all the areas, otherwise you can open a popup on a dedicated area and set the alarm level only for that one. The two icons on the top of the page represent in order: area tamper (at least one area is in tamper state), area alarm (at least one area is in alarm state).

The second image shows the popup associated to a zone; the five icons shown inside the popup represent in order: zone open, zone alarm, zone tamper, zone bypassed, zone chime. Inside the popup you can bypass/unbypass the selected zone and you can activate/deactivate the zone chime.

The (xgenconnect) object is listed in the Project Editor’s new object list only when at least one XGenConnect I/O Server is defined

For further details refer to the XGenConnect I/O Server Application Note.


  • server id: the server ID. Supports Redirect variables
  • position: the object's position. Use the pixels or rows and columns coordinates format


(xgenconnect <server id>; <position>)


(xgenconnect xgen; x10y20)