I/O Servers

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This page lists all the available I/O Servers provided by HSYCO and links to their application note.

For an introduction on I/O Servers and how to use the application notes refer to Introduction to I/O Servers.

IO Server Airzone Logo.png Airzone Airzone HVAC control system
IO Server Alert5 Logo.png Alert5 Felma Alert5 system
IO Server Arduino Logo.png Arduino Arduino Uno, Arduino Ethernet, Arduino Due and other compatible boards
IO Server Arteco Logo.png Arteco Arteco Everywhere general-purpose digital input-output Ethernet controller
IO Server Arteco Logo.png ArtecoOC Arteco Next Open Connector protocol
IO Server Aton Logo.png Aton Aton AH66T multi-room audio system
IO Server Ats Logo.png Ats Aritech Master ATS security panel
IO Server Avigilon Logo.png Avigilon Avigilon Control Center Server 7
IO Server Avigilon Logo.png AvigilonWEB Avigilon Control Center Server 7 new API
IO Server Axis Logo.png AxisDecoder Control and streaming to the AXIS Video Decoder
IO Server BACnet Logo.png BACnet BACnet/IP client
IO Server Bentel Logo.png Bentel Bentel KYO 320 security panel
IO Server Bosch Logo.jpeg Boschfpa Bosch FPA-5000 modular fire panel system
IO Server Bosch Logo.jpeg Boschmap Bosch MAP security panel
IO Server Cradlepoint Logo.png Cradlepoint Cradlepoint IBR6xx routers
IO Server CSx75 Logo.png CSx75 Aritech Comfort CSx75 security panel
IO Server Contatto Logo.png Contatto Duemmegi Contatto proprietary bus building automation system
IO Server Daikin Logo.jpeg Daikin Daikin’s VRF systems with Intelligent Controller
IO Server Daikin Logo.jpeg Daikinrc Daikin room air conditioner series CTXM, ATXM and FXTM units with the Daikin wireless LAN adapter
IO Server Xensity Logo.jpg Dea Xensity Dea Xensity indoor shock detectors
IO Detnov Logo.png Detnov Detnov fire detection panels
IO Server Domino Logo.png Domino Duemmegi Domino proprietary bus building automation system
IO Server DUELUX Logo.png DUELUX Duemmegi DUELUX DALI-2 system
IO Server Dummy Logo.png Dummy a special I/O Server that simulates lighting and automation devices and can be used for demonstrations, prototyping and as a virtual I/O Server to implement complex control logic
IO Server Elmo Logo.png Elmo EL.MO. ETR security panel
IO Server Elsner Logo.jpeg Elsner Elsner’s Modbus version of the P03/3 weather station
IO Server Enttec Logo.png Enttec Enttec DMX USB PRO adapter that allows to control any DMX-512 standard bus.
IO Server ESCVP Logo.png ESC/VP Epson’s Networked projectors that support the ESC/VP control protocol
Server Esser Logo.png Esser Esser fire detection panels
IO Server ExoSensePi Logo.png ExoSensePi Sfera Labs Exo Sense Pi environment multi-sensor module based on Raspberry Pi
IO Server Fp2000 Logo.png Fp2000 GE UTC Interlogix fire panels based on the FP2000 protocol
IO Server Fias Logo.png Fias Oracle's FIAS (Fidelio Interface Application Specification) hospitality PMS systems
IO Server Giacomini Logo.gif Giacomini GKBUS GiakoClima HVAC system
IO Server GSM Logo.png GSM standard GSM modems for SMS messages and voice call events
IO Server Galaxy Logo.png Galaxy Honeywell Galaxy Dimension security panel
IO Server Google Calendar Logo.png Google Calendar Use Google Calendar to schedule events
IO Server Guardall Logo.png Guardall Guardall QX32i, PX80 and PX500 security panels
IO Server Heos Logo.png Heos Heos WiFi audio system
IO Server Hephais Logo.png Hephais Hephais 1600 fire panel with Modbus interface
IO Server Hesa Logo.png Hesa Hesa Quaranta Q15, Q50 and Q100 security panels
IO Server Hidedgesolo Logo.png Hidedgesolo HID’s Edge Solo stand-alone networked EdgeReader access control solution
IO Server Remote Logo.png HSYCO Access remote HSYCO servers data-points
Hue Logo.png Hue Philips Hue wireless lighting
HWgroup Logo.png HwgIO HW group I/O Controller
HWgroup Logo.png HwgMonitor HW group monitoring devices
IO Server IFTTT Logo.png IFTTT IFTTT Platform
IO Server Inim Logo.png Inim Inim SmartLiving 515, 1050 and 10100 security panels
IO Server Inim Logo.png InimPrevidia Inim Previdia Compact, Mac, Ultra fire panels
IO Server Iono Logo.png Iono Sfera Labs Iono input/output module based on Arduino
IO Server IonoPi Logo.png IonoPi Sfera Labs Iono Pi input/output module based on Raspberry Pi
IO Server IonoPi Logo.png IonoPiMax Sfera Labs Iono Pi Max input/output module based on Raspberry Pi
IO Server Kilsen Logo.png Kilsen Kilsen KFP-A fire security panels
IO Server Kissbox Logo.png Kissbox Kissbox DMX-512 adapter that allows to control any DMX-512 standard bus
IO Server KNX Logo.png KNX KNX/EIB protocol via standard KNXnet/IP gateways
IO Server Ksenia Logo.png Ksenia KSENIA lares 16IP/48IP/128IP security systems
IO Server Ksenia Logo.png Lares4 KSENIA lares 4 security system
IO Server LoRaWAN LOGO.png LoRaWAN LoRaWAN networks
IO Server MasterBus Logo.png MasterBus Mastervolt's MasterBus protocol
Mews logo.png Mews Mews Hospitality Management
IO Server Mitsubishi Logo.jpeg Mitsubishi Mitsubishi’s VRV systems that support the M-NET proprietary protocol
IO Server Modbus Logo.jpg Modbus HSYCO acts as a Modbus TCP client or Modbus RTU master
IO Server Modbus Logo.jpg Modbus Server a Modbus TCP/IP server, allowing external Modbus clients to connect to HSYCO and perform any standard Modbus function
Ubiquiti mpower.png MPower Ubiquiti mFi mPower controllable power outlets
IO Server MQTT Broker Logo.png MQTTBROKER a MQTT server, allowing external MQTT clients to connect to HSYCO
IO Server MQTT Client Logo.png MQTTCLIENT a MQTT client, allowing Hsyco to connect to external MQTT broker
IO Server MyHome Logo.png MyHome BTicino/Legrand My Home proprietary bus home automation system
IO Server Netatmo Logo.png Netatmo Netatmo smart radiator valves
IO Server NETIO Logo.png NETIO NETIO power sockets
IO Server Networx Logo.png Networx NetworX security panel
IO Server Niko Logo.png NIKO Niko Connected Controller
IO Server NMEA Logo.jpg NMEA NMEA 0183 TCP client
IO Server Notifier Logo.jpg Notifier AM-2000 AM-4000 AM-6000 fire panels with Modbus interface
Nuvo.png Nuvo NuVo multi-room audio
IO Server Paradox Logo.png Paradox Paradox EVO 48/192 and EVOHD security panels
IO Server PowerOne Logo.png PowerOne Aurora’s PowerOne inverters with support for Aurora proprietary communication protocol
IO Server Protege Logo.png Protege ICT Protege security panel
IO Server APC Logo.png RACKPDU Rack PDU by APC
IO Server RayCONTROL.png RayCONTROL HVAC control system by FCC Planterm
IO Server Redscan Logo.png Redscan OPTEX REDSCAN laser scan detectors
IO Server SamsungTV Logo.jpg SamsungTV Samsung Smart TV
IO Server Satel Logo.jpg Satel Satel security panels
IO Server Vanderbilt Logo.png Siemens Vanderbilt Edp Siemens Vanderbilt Edp panels
IO Server SIGFOX Logo.png SIGFOX Sigfox Cloud
IO Server SIP Logo.png Sip SIP VoIP Client
IO Server SMTP Logo.png SMTPSERVER Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) server
IO Server Sonos Logo.png Sonos Sonos wireless HiFi system
IO Server SSH Logo.png SSH SSH Client for remote shell and secure file copy
IO Server Strato Logo.png Strato Sfera Labs Strato expansion board for Raspberry Pi
IO Server System Logo.png System HSYCO Server performance and system monitor
IO Server Tecnoalarm Logo.png Tecnoalarm Tecnoalarm Tecno-Out security panels
IO Server Tecnofire Logo.png Tecnofire Tecnofire Tecno-Out fire panels
IO Server Teledata Logo.png Teledata Teledata
IO Server Telegram Logo.png Telegram Telegram Bot
IO Server Texecom Logo.png Texecom Texecom security panels
IO Server TLABQ logo.png TLABQ TLAB-Q security system
IO Server Tridonic Logo.png Tridonic Dali protocol via the Tridonic SCI2 interface module
IO Server TSEC Logo.png TSECMACS TSEC MACS is a perimeter anti-intrusion system for rigid and semi-rigid metal fences
IO Server Victron Logo.png VEDIRECT Victron Energy VE.Direct protocol for the BlueSolar MPPT Charge 70/15 and the BMV-700 series battery monitors
IO Server Vivaldifreenet Logo.png Vivaldifreenet Vivaldi Giove FREENETMK2 in-wall stand alone amplifier with RS-485
IO Server Wolf8Access Logo.png Wolf8Access Wolf 8Access access control system
IO Server WXonline Logo.png WXonline Internet-based weather conditions and forecast data acquisition using OpenWeatherMap!’s data
IO Server Vaisala Logo.png WXT520 Vaisala WXT520 weather station
IO Server Wyrestorm Logo.png Wyrestorm Wyrestorm MX-0808-PP, MX-0606-PP and MX-0404-PP HDMI matrix
IO Server Xgen Logo.png XGenConnect Hesa XGenConnect security panel
IO Server Yamaha RX-V Logo.png YamahaEc Yamaha Extended Control communication protocol
IO Server Yamaha RX-V Logo.png Yamaha RX Yamaha’s RX family of networked A/V receivers